Bloc flutter architecture

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It first appeared in as Sky, and in it became the Flutter that we know and use. Flutter is backed by Google and allows developers to create beautiful and cost-effective cross-platform applications with a native feel. This freedom of choice can be rewarding, but it can also lead to inconsistent naming and bulky classes.

Note that BLoC is a pattern, not an architecture itself. What makes it that way? The BLoC architecture allows developers to keep different layers of your application separate — namely the presentation and business logic layers. This makes it easy to test and reuse elements in different parts of your code. Separating the presentation from the business logic allows developers to reuse elements not only inside an app but across applications. Another advantage of the BLoC approach is that several team members can seamlessly work on a single code base.

The main principle of the BLoC architecture is creating complex products out of simple blocks. If you have a junior developer on your project, the BLoC architecture will make it easy for them to understand how everything works under the hood.

BloC Architecture in Flutter: a Modern Architectural Approach and How We Use it at Jimdo

Even for experienced developers, the BLoC architecture cuts the time needed to get acquainted with a project. This is especially important when working with tight deadlines and for commercial development.

bloc flutter architecture

Because this architecture keeps parts of the app small and separate, you can easily test each aspect of your application and know exactly what to fix.

The logic of the BLoC architecture is the following: when a user performs an action by interacting with the UI, the information about this action goes to the BLoC component. Then the BLoC component processes and interprets this information and responds by changing the state of the UI component. The BLoC architecture then works more like a pattern that further organizes the data flows in your app. After you set up your architecture, you need to integrate the BLoC element into it.

Now you have a Flutter package that will allow you to implement the BLoC pattern. As you can see, here you get the CounterEvent and handle it depending on the event type. The state an int in this example is then returned. If you want to customize the response, you can create an abstract state or event:. BlocBuilder is a widget that responds to new states by building BLoCs.

This widget can be called multiple times and acts like a function that responds to changes in state by creating widgets that then show up as new UI elements.

How to architect Flutter code in BLoC Pattern

As you can see, you need to provide an extended Bloc class in the bloc argument. The instances of your state classes will appear in the BlocBuilder. Remember that the first state is the one that was previously created in the initialState method. My advice is to create a Bloc instance in the initState method and close it with blocA. This widget works as a dependency injection, meaning it can provide BLoCs to several widgets at a time that belong to the same subtree.

BlocProvider is used to build blocs that will then be available for all widgets in the subtree. Note that you can also use BlocProvider to provide a bloc you already have with a new tree of widgets. In this way, you can expand the capabilities of an existing bloc instead of creating a new one.

To perform any action with data — handle it, send it via the internet, save it to the database — you need to create an event in your Bloc component. To do this, you just need to call this method:. Finally, use events to manipulate the data in your app and set up the connection between the actions and results. I recommend the BLoC architecture for any Flutter project, as it makes code maintainable and helps you get rid of boilerplate and spaghetti code by keeping each part of your app separate and conveniently organized.For our Boost appwe started by using MVP because our Android developers had some experience with it and it was quite easy to catch.

The idea behind it is to have separated components BloC components containing only the business logic that is meant to be easily shared between different Dart apps. To demonstrate the implementation of BloC, I created a simple Flutter application which makes one network request fetching the weather forecast for Hamburg and shows how the temperature is going to change during the upcoming hours in a ListView.

Let's start with a diagram to show how components are connected:. At the core of BloC architecture, is the BloC component.

ForecastBlocState contains the forecast object and tracks if the request is already happening. The main method of this component - fetchForecastForCityexecutes API request and publishes the state changes to the listener. StreamSubscription is used to not to execute more than one request at a time. This is a cheap and elegant way for dependency injection in Flutter.

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Every child of InheritedWidget will have an access to the components that InheritedWidget provides. To make the BloC component available for the screen widget we have to make the screen widget to be a child of InheritedWidget :. We can connect it like this:. Stream API is not always easy to catch and the wrong implementation can lead to memory-leaks and crashes. Documentation sometimes lacks details, like in this issue. Flutter is a new framework and Dart is a relatively new language.

BloC is probably one of the best ways to implement this and with Streams and Sinks you can also achieve that in a Reactive way. How could do to improve with our approach? Happy Fluttering! Write a comment. Patte Tuesday, 11 September Note: This article assumes that you already have some knowledge about stateless and stateful widgets in flutter. This is an example of what you will do if you have to pass some information deep down in your widget hierarchy from up top. This leads to code redundancy and ultimately, reduced productivity.

What we want to do is, to update the piece of information at one place, and have it accessed down below. What we would instead like to do is to somehow rebuild only the widget that makes use of that information.

StreamControllers can be thought of as pipelines where data can be added from one end, and is received from the other. They contain two ends:. StreamControllers can be imported from dart:async. We know what happens if we try to pass data deep down the widget tree in flutter.

bloc flutter architecture

We end up passing constructor parameters, and any change would require updating constructors at multiple locations. What we want to do instead, is to be able to access data from anywhere down below the widget tree, without disturbing the other widgets.

The engineers on the flutter team were aware of this problem and created Inherited Widgets. Inherited widgets allow you to access data from a child, anywhere above in the widget tree. To create an InheritedWidgetall you need to do is extend your widget from the InheritedWidget class and override the updateShouldNotify method.

If there is no change, the method should return false to avoid un-necessary rebuilding. Like any other widget, it is associated to an Element which is immutable! It will be a StatefulWidget which will incorporate an InheritedWidget inside it. The code below is referenced from this article by Didier Boelens. Hence, streams can remain open even after widget is destroyed.

This is undesirable. Hence, we wrap everything in a stateful widget and when the widget is destroyed, we call the dispose method on our bloc. It is what provides the sink and the stream to the widgets in order to communicate. Here we create a CounterBloc which is responsible for adding and updating data to our streams. It contains a StreamController which is responsible for providing the sink and stream to the widgets.

Bloc can also contain methods to manipulate the data and add it to the stream. Since, our bloc extends BlocBase which contains a method called disposeit would have to override it. Dispose method is used for cleanup tasks such as closing streams and freeing up any other resources.In the previous post we introduced the BLoC pattern as one of the state management solutions in Flutter. In this post we are going to put that theory into practice by building a simple authentication flow that utilises the pattern.

This is going to be a simple Flutter app that has three screens — a splash screen, a login screen and a home screen. Before we get into the code let us get a brief overview of how the app is going to behave.

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This is how the app is going to behave:. I am assuming you have Flutter installed on your machine and you know how to create a flutter app. If you do not know then you need to visit the Flutter website to get started. Create a new application and add the following dependencies to your pubsec. For brevity not all of the code will be included in this post. Things like models and services can be found on GitHub. Our focus is going to be on the BLoC and user interface. Create a new directory inside your lib directory and name it blocs.

Let us start with the AuthenticationBlocits events and states. These are the events whose stream the authentication BLoC will listen to. The states are self-explanatory so we are not going to discuss them further. Let us now turn our attention to the BLoC. Add the following code:. We saw in the previous post that a BLoC is responsible for converting a stream of incoming events into a stream of outgoing states.

This method is called every time an AuthenticationEvent is added to the events stream. Note that the method does not return a new stream each time an event is fired but it yield s the state into the existing stream.

For more information on streams in dart check out this page. Inside the mapEventToState method we check what event type was added to the stream and we map it to a method that does business logic for that specific event. If there is, it will yield AuthenticationAuthenticated state otherwise it will yield AuthenticationNotAuthenticated.

Now let us write code for the login BLoC. As you can see, we only have one login event which will be fired when a user presses the login button in the UI. Finally, let us go and write the login BLoC which will convert a stream of incoming login events into a stream of outgoing login states.Writing apps with Flutter creates great opportunities for choosing architecture. When you get that answer, you can be sure you found an expert in programming.

In this article, we will go through the most popular screens in mobile applications and implement them in the two most popular Flutter architectures: Provider and BLoC. As a result, we will learn the pros and cons of each solution, which will help us choose the right Flutter architecture for our next module or application. Choosing the architecture when building a Flutter project is of great importance, primarily due to the fact that we are dealing with a less commonly used, declarative programming paradigm.

This completely changes the approach to managing the sate that native Android or iOS developers were familiar with, writing the code imperatively. Data available in one place in the application are not so easy to obtain in another. We do not have direct references to other views in the tree, from which we could gain their current state.

As the name suggests, Provider is a Flutter architecture that provides the current data model to the place where we currently need it. It contains some data and notifies observers when a change occurs. For the object of type ChangeNotifier to be available to other widgets, we need ChangeNotifierProvider.

It provides observed objects for all of its descendants. The object which is able to receive current data is Consumerwhich has a ChangeNotifier instance in the parameter of its build function that can be used to feed subsequent views with data.

bloc flutter architecture

It provides separation of the presentation layer from business logic rules. This is a direct application of the declarative approach which Flutter strongly emphasizes i. BLoC is a place where events from the user interface go.

Within this layer, as a result of applying business rules to a given event, BLoC responds with a specific state, which then goes back to the UI. When the view layer receives a new state, it rebuilds its view according to what the current state requires.

A scrollable list is probably one of the most popular views in mobile applications. Therefore, picking the right Flutter architecture might be crucial here.

Theoretically, displaying the list itself is not difficult. The situation gets trickier when, for example, we add the ability to perform a certain action on each element. That should cause a change in different places in the app.

In our list, we will be able to select each of the elements, and each of the selected ones will be displayed in a separate list on a different screen. Therefore, we have to store elements that have been selected, so that they can be displayed on a new screen. In Provider pattern, the above model must be stored in an object.

The object should extend the ChangeNotifier to be able to access SocialMedia from another place in the app. Any change in this object, which will require rebuilding on the view, must be signalized using notifyListeners. In the case of the setFavourite method to instruct Flutter to re-render the UI fragment, that will observe the change in this object.

How to Develop Your Flutter App With the BLoC Architecture

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How to Implement the BLoC Architecture in Flutter: Benefits and Best Practices

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Flutter architecture: Provider vs BLoC

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